Why igniting words drive innovation?


Ignition Words Method

Have you ever observed a conversation between multiple people by using your ears?

Perhaps you recognized that some words used in those discussions yourself sparking new thoughts. Sometimes it can happen that the spoken ignition words create strong reactions at the receiving person. It appears that the listener seems to be ejected out of their old burned in pattern of thoughts.  With this those irritating words help you to find new solutions for different challenges. With this art of free association of random picked and chosen igniting words radically new solutions can develop. The igniting words method makes lots of fun in a workshop session and keeps the fireworks of ideas ongoing.

What fore you can use the igniting words method?

Everywhere you are searching for new ideas and solutions, for example:

  • Improving products
  • Develop new products
  • Design new service offerings
  • Searching advertising slogans

You might use the igniting words method if you work on your own or in a team.

Igniting Words Method in 7 Steps

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Formulate the question of search
  3. Pick random igniting words
  4. Analyse the chosen Analyse igniting words regarding their function, value, characteristic and form
  5. Force fit, develop the solutions
  6. Assess the different solutions
  7. Workout of the chosen solution


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