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Ran out of ideas or got stuck in realization?

Ideas are the base of innovation which is one of a managers responsibilities. This sentence I hear often in my negotiations with executives. Under the assumption that a company is represented by every employee, then everybody is responsible to provide ideas to succeed over time.

Developing new ideas in companies often is pushed aside because of the daily routine. Even if great ideas are available in the employees and leaders minds, time is too short for getting ideas started. It appears difficult fro the management to keep innovation processes alive. In small and medium businesses often the management decides to spend the time on reacting to urgent client issues instead of integrating employees into the innovation process. Often too late the financial controller is recognizing that market shares are lost to the competition because of shrinking earnings.

InventorSCOUT offers supporting the innovation processes for developing new ideas by using easy to use methods in the technical field. As coach I’m setting the impulses for orientation at the different milestones in the innovation process. Learn how to develop innovative ideas systematically. Increase your attractiveness as employee and leader and learn how to develop cool ideas by using creative methods. The tool-set for realizing ideas you receive out of my personal experiences. Experience how you are winning your executive manager burning for your idea, too, in your personal innovation coaching.

Milestone Ideen suchen

Searching for ideas

Summing up all the small unresolved issues during daily business is demotivating employees rapidly. Another source of de-motivation is implementing changes from top-down. Your employees like to be involved in the process of innovation and they are are aware of the problems at the systems and equipment. Those issues is driving the  employees nuts over time.  They know how to solve the issues and can provide a great contribution to the solution.

Creativity is a gift by nature and resides in every humans mind. Explore were your potential of creativity is located. Drill down into the root cause of the problems to be resolved by using methods out of the neuronal science. Discover how you create the necessary time and room for your improvements. You and your team will learn to develop feasible solutions, simple ways to document and manage ideas in a therefore composed tailored workshop.

Get inspired in this coaching and develop ideas systematically. Construct an long term Idea-Logistics for your Enterprise.


Assessing ideas

After the ideation process, a bunch of ideas are on the table. Everybody often likes the own solution most what unconsciously blanks out alternative solutions. This makes it difficult in a group to sort out ideas with most objective perspective. The necessary and healthy distance to the idea and an outside view are missing. Because the available idea to solve the problem employees motivation of realization is high. This facts bury the risk of premature action and loosing sight to a possibly more easy solution.

Learn how to search for available ideas by creating search arguments. Assess your idea and develop a most possible objective distance. Find the position of your idea from which you start to develop your future planning. This coaching milestone enables you further evaluating the potential success of your innovation based on the received ou feedback.

Milestone_03Protecting ideas

A very critical milestone on the trail of realizing ideas is their protection. Often small and medium businesses underestimate protection of ideas or simply ignore this benefit. Learn how to grow distance ahead to your competitors and learn by examples out of my experience which ideas to protect. Develop your knowledge about today’s possibilities of idea protection. Experience the use of search engines and built your search arguments that fit your idea best. Remind the cost of issuing a patent and the impact to your business strategy. An objective and independent search on your idea helps to develop an objective view and is the base for preparation to visit the patent lawyer of your choice.

Milestone_04Developing a strategy

In a company the risk to fail with turning your idea into reality is raising without a strategy. Not every employee has a leader or manager who is open for new ideas. Often managers don’t have enough time because of too many meetings or is under stress because of an unhappy client’s pressure. In such cases the manager tends to push you aside. Learn how to step into your managers person. In this coaching you develop a personal adjusted strategy to spark your managers interest into your idea. Create your time management and list of targets for turning your idea into the reality. With this you are founding a base of future success in a company.

Milestone_05Business planning

In the company the main focus is around the business. The measure of business success is the earned money. This means, without numbers that show the value of your idea an interested manager might continue to listen. The next  higher executive manager, such as the financial controller, would send you back to do your homework. This milestone means for employees and potential manager candidates to collect the numbers to demonstrate the value and the cost of the innovation.

In the coaching at this milestone you experience which set of numbers is required to provide answers to the questions your controller will raise up. Because this executive managers are at the sponsors and investors. Planning is about getting trusted by executive management. They trust into you and your idea.  Get prepared and surprise the investors of the company you work for and win their trust and investment into you and your idea.

Milestone_06Winning investors

How are you winning the executive management for your innovation?

This is not easy for every employee. Winning the own department-manager for the new idea might be the most easy task in the innovation process. But presenting the idea the first time on stage,  looking into the eyes to higher executive managers and provide answers to their critical questions, should be well prepared. Professionalism is based on planning and professional innovators seldom are shooting from the hip.

Learn in the coaching how to keep focused to the central theme of your idea in the presentation.  Experience different methods to present your idea matching your personality. Transport the message of your idea to the executive management with your authentic signature and win the investors in your company.

Milestone_07Realizing the idea

At this point the inventor in a company turns onto the most difficult part at this hike. You and your idea will hit the reality in form of resistances of managers and conflicts of the interests of the different functions in a companies hierarchy.Further you might experience wrong assumptions and planning issues at this part of the journey. Success often means changes in your personal environment to which you need to adjust. InventorSCOUT therefore provides accompanying coaching based on your request aiming to resolve unforeseen individual difficulties.

Choose the milestone for stepping in to coaching.

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Note: No consulting for questions in patent law.