Ran out of ideas or got stuck by realizing your invention?

Realizing the own idea. This sometimes appears to be difficult. Beside the job, often time is missing for realizing the own invention. Even if great ideas are in the inventors mind, he underestimates the required effort for starting up the idea and keeping the processes of realization ongoing. As Coach and Project manager I support you and your team on the trail of realizing your idea. Independent feedback and impulses on the different markers should support you for orientation.

It is my personal target that you and your inventor-team master the next stage on your own. You will get familiar with a creative set of working methods and evaluate agile design thinking. InventorSCOUT offers support in the processes of developing and realizing new ideas by using easy and practicable methods in the technical field.

Milestone Ideen suchen

Searching for ideas

Discover how you create the necessary time and room for your improvements. You learn to develop feasible solutions, simple ways to document and manage ideas in a therefore composed individual workshop.

Even if the idea already is available the difficulty about the “How to…” arises during the realization. Then Ideas of another knowledge field are needed to continue. Often just an impulse from the outside into the right direction is helping to start up the next phase turning your Idea into reality. Discover how creativity is working and learn the Design Thinking Process to know. With this experience you will develop practicable solutions for your ideas yourself.


Assessing ideas

I experienced many inventors that developed a sharp focus on the idea itself. The problem arising on this idea focus is, that the necessary different views for realizing the idea are blinded out by the inventor. Often the inventor is stepping on his own toes what prevents himself from stepping aside to continue with a most objective view. Experience the Idea Research Coaching and learn how to make inquiries on your idea. This is supporting you in estimating your current position and eases follow up planning for more realistic scenarios. Additionally this supports you in estimating the ideas potential success and to discover the potential risks.

 Milestone_03Protecting ideas

If you didn’t think about protecting your idea yet, at this marker it is a good point in time to do so. Protection of your idea is a very critical milestone on the way of its realization. Protecting ideas bury the risk of investing your money into the wrong channel or simply not to invest into a protection. In this coaching you learn by examples and deliberate the possibilities of protection rights you prefer. This helps you to preparing to visit the patent attorney of your choice.

Milestone_04Developing a strategy

After your idea is cut and dried, find the answer of the question how to continue with the idea on the path of realization. In this coaching you develop a strategy and your Idea-Logistic.  You create real planning of the logistics required to reach the targets and create the fitting timing schedule for your actions. Additionally you compose and evaluate different strategies how to reach your potential clients. With this you lay out the foundation to built your business plan upon.

Milestone_05Business planning

Professional entrepreneurs are planning their business based by matter of facts. This is the milestone were the commercial part begins with the foundation of raising funding for your idea. After finalized the plannings of your business strategy you developed a good distance to your invention. This provides a good base to start the workout to plan your business undertakings. You asses the costs and values of your idea by yourself.

Why you should do that?

To win your bank or another investor for your idea, well developed arguments are required. The more business details you can provide about your and the idea’s values, including the investments and risks to realize it, the more easy it is to built up your chain of arguments for the negotiation with investors and sponsors. Be prepared to win your investor.

Milestone_06Winning investors

How are you presenting your idea?

Here you face the first reality by meeting the investor that you target to win for your undertaking. This task might not be as easy as it looks like.  Presenting the idea on stage in front of strangers – you never met this people before – to receive funding, preparation and training is essential. Experience in this coaching on how to keep the focus to your target and which possibilities presenting your idea are matching your personality. Transport the message of your idea to the investor or customer with your authentic signature, impress with your Idea-Pitch.

Milestone_07Realizing the plans

The longest and most difficult part – start up that hike. Big changes to yourself and people surrounding you will be injected by stepping beyond this point.. You and your idea now hit the reality. Now you will experience your planning mistakes and wrong assumptions at this part of the journey. It can be very helpful to have a Coach to accompany yourself who is supporting you for resolving unforeseen difficulties on this trail. Learn how to manage failure and turn negative impacts and experiences into positive energy to continue.

Choose the milestone for stepping into your coaching.

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Note: No consulting for questions in patent law.